Elegant wedding in Florence: feel the magic of Palazzo Borghese

If your dream has always been to feel like a Princess on your wedding day, then getting married in Palazzo Borghese will make your wish come true. 
Thanks to this astonishing location, your elegant wedding in Florence will really be an unforgettable memory to cherish forever.

Palazzo Borghese: a unique location for your wedding in Florence

Palazzo Borghese is an historical building located in the center of Florence and it’s a perfect example of Neoclassic architecture: a real treasure chest. From the outside it might pass unnoticed but, as soon as you step in, the honor staircase and the beauty of the adornments will impress you.

The main and most luxurious spaces in the palace are the Mirror Room and the Monumental Gallery: two hundred square meters of frescoes, statues, velvet draperies and opulent gold that will make you feel like you’re back in the 16th century.
Owned by different noble families of the city in the past, Palazzo Borghese is now available to host unique events – and your wedding could be one of them!

Katherine and Kent, an exquisite wedding in Florence

For their special day, Katherine and Kent chose Florence and Palazzo Borghese.
The wedding ceremony was held in Santa Maria Novella: Katherine fell in love with the church while studying architecture. The geometry of the white and green marble matched perfectly with the solemnity of the moment, infusing a blissful feeling.
The reception couldn’t be more majestic: it took place in the Mirror Room of Palazzo Borghese. An intimate dinner with live music played by a classic quartet: can you imagine something cozier and more romantic than this?

The shiny chandeliers and dazzling gold of the palace create a timeless atmosphere which would really fit for a Princess and Prince wedding. The incredible thing is that you can have that too, feeling like a royal for a day – and cherishing that memory forever.

If you are still wondering how your elegant and timeless wedding in Florence could look like, let the photos from Katherine and Kent’s perfect day inspire you.
The next Princess and Prince to get married in Palazzo Borghese could be you…