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The whole world is facing unprecedented times, that undermined everyone’s certainties and plans – including those about weddings. Poppy and Chris experienced this first-hand: they were getting married in Italy in May, but the pandemic tried to rain on their parade. They didn’t lose heart, though: keep reading, and get inspired by their story and pictures.

Poppy and Chris’s elopement: a dream that finally came true

Poppy and Chris, an incredibly nice couple from the UK, aren’t new to my beautiful country. A few years ago they got engaged in the charming atmosphere of Siena – and what’s more romantic than getting married in Italy, in the same place where you said “Yes” for the first time?

Everything was ready: they planned every detail of the event and contacted me as their wedding photographer in Siena. We were all ready for a meaningful day of celebrations. But then, coronavirus happened and changed all programs. Poppy and Chris didn’t want to give up on their love dream so they didn’t cancel the wedding – they only postponed it. And finally, in October 2020 they managed to get married in Italy with the sweet elopement they had been wishing for!

Getting married in Italy, surrounded by beauty

They chose to get married with an elopement, the most intimate form of celebration. At the Town Hall of Siena there were just the two of them, the celebrants and me as their wedding photographer. That gave Poppy and Chris the chance to focus only on their vows and feelings, and the possibility to play in front of my camera in many different settings.

We started at Palazzo Coli Bizzarrini – a historic residence whose architecture and incredible frescoes take you back to the Renaissance – where the bride and groom got ready in two different rooms. Chris then reached the Town Hall and waited for Poppy in the Concistoro Hall – where I captured the emotional first look. After the ceremony, we took photos in all the most iconic places in Siena, including Piazza del Campo and the Duomo.

But Poppy’s deepest desire was to be portrayed surrounded by the stunning countryside views. After an accurate site inspection, I took the newlyweds to the most picturesque spots and captured dreamy pictures of them in the warm sunset light.

Are you getting married in Italy too? Whether it’s going to happen in Florence or Siena, your wedding photographer is your best ally: don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



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