Capturing an elegant destination wedding at Villa di Lilliano

Misha and Arturo, an amazing couple hailing from California, chose the picturesque Villa Medicea di Lilliano as the backdrop for their elegant destination wedding. As a wedding photographer in Florence, I had the privilege of capturing the timeless moments of this celebration, characterized by a vintage touch and a stratospheric party.

Misha and Arturo’s elegant destination wedding near Florence

The celebration of this elegant destination wedding unfolded on the sun-kissed terrace of Villa Medicea di Lilliano, a wine estate not far from Florence, offering a breathtaking view of the rolling countryside. Misha, radiant in her vintage-inspired gown and Manolo Blahnik shoes, and Arturo, exuding charm in his classic attire, exchanged vows in an atmosphere drenched with dreamy light and feelings of love.

The floral arrangements, meticulously curated for the occasion, added a touch of ethereal beauty to the already stunning surroundings. Framed by the asymmetrical fresh flower arch, with a backdrop of olive groves, the terrace where the ceremony took place became a canvas of love and elegance.

After the vows were exchanged and a toast was shared with the guests of this elegant destination wedding, we ventured into the scenic surroundings of the villa for a portrait session. We started with the newlyweds together with bridesmaids and best men, then moved to family portraits and finally focused on the couple alone. 

We used different settings: from the terrace itself, to make the best of the stunning flower arrangements, to the olive orchard, with its ancient trees and dappled sunlight, ideal for capturing the intimate moments of the newlyweds. The garden behind Villa Medicea di Lilliano, overlooking the undulating Tuscan hills, became another canvas for timeless portraits kissed by the golden hour that precedes the sunset.

Wedding with a vintage touch at Villa Medicea di Lilliano

The wonderful imperial table for the dinner that awaited was also set in the garden, and it was nothing short of a fairytale. Adorned with exquisite details, such as fresh flower centerpieces, candles and arches of leaves holding crystal chandeliers, it created an enchanting atmosphere under the Tuscan sky. The couple, surrounded by friends and family who shared touching speeches with them, enjoyed a feast that mirrored the beauty of the surroundings.

As the evening progressed, the delicate play of light and shadow created a magical ambiance, providing ample opportunities for capturing candid moments of joy and celebration. Every photograph became a piece of art, narrating the story of Misha and Arturo’s elegant union against the backdrop of Villa Medicea di Lilliano. The celebration was closed by a great and fun dance party, not before having cut a delicious cake that the newlyweds themselves completed in front of their guests.

This classy and elegant destination wedding was not just an event: it was a visual symphony of love, sophistication and pure joy. From the sunlit terrace to the garden of Villa di Lilliano, every element came together to create a celebration that was as timeless as the love shared by Misha and Arturo.

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