The amazing love story of Josefine & Michael

Josefine + Michael | Dream Luxury Wedding in Florence

Church: Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi

Venue: Hotel Four Seasons Firenze Photographers: Gabriele Fani, Massimo Bonon (Studiobonon Photography) and Roberto Graziani (Studiobonon Photography)

Dear Friends, we’re really excited to publish the amazing, incredible and beautiful wedding story of Josefine and Michael who are married in Florence the 30th of May two thousand fourteen. Josefine and Michael start their day at the stunning Hotel Four Seasons Firenze for the getting ready. After that we move all to the Church Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi for the ceremony. Bride and Groom pictures was in Piazzale Michelangelo. The big reception was planned at the Hotel so we returned back to Four Seasons where everything was perfect, as usual. Really stunning the Conventino Ballroom by Vincenzo Dascanio. We love all the picture and we’re glad to has been part of these two stunning days. We’re enjoyed every moment so we want to thanks our big friends Josefine and Michael. Please enjoy with us the pictures!

Four Seasons Event planning by Elisa Peroli Director of Catering & Events.

Florist and Conventino Ballroom Setting by Vincenzo Dascanio.

Musicians by Urban Club Band. Videography by Elysium Productions. Sound & Lights service by Fabrizio Ridondelli Omikron.

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Italian creative and modern wedding photographer in TUscany based Florence Gabriele Fani

I’m a specialised Tuscany Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Florence but operating in Italy and worldwide.

I focus for capturing real, authentic and genuine emotion. I love to capture happy people, their stories, their adventures and I can’t thank them enough when they hires me for this honour and privilege.

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I really enjoy getting to know my clients and their needs and desires so that I can tell their story through my eyes. I am a storyteller with a mix of portrait, candid and reportage photography style and I love to capture life in all its beauty.



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