Sweet and fun wedding in Italy, at Montelucci Country Resort

Lively and bright, just like the two main characters of this love story: that’s how this fun wedding turned out to be. It’s also the feeling you will get from the photos you’re about to see, taken in the beautiful setting of Montelucci Country Resort and the rolling hills of Tuscany.

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Isabella, Tanaka and a bump: a cheerful family

Isabella and Tanaka are among the most smiling and sunny souls I’ve ever met during my career as a professional photographer. They’re a beautiful mixed couple – half Swiss and half African – who lives in Geneva and decided to promise eternal love with a fun wedding in Tuscany.

The sweetest thing was that they weren’t alone: besides their family and friends, they got married together with a precious bump. Their baby was on the way and, if you want to know something extra cute, Isabella gave birth the day after seeing the wedding photos!

Photos that are full of love and energy, happiness and emotions, exactly like her and Tanaka.

A fun wedding in the stunning countryside of Tuscany

The whole celebration took place at Montelucci Country Resort, a charming historic residence tucked in the heart of Tuscany, in between Chianti and Valdarno.

The bride and groom got ready in two separate rooms of the estate, then the ceremony was held on a terrace overlooking the green rolling hills. The setup was essential, but the feelings were strong – and there was no lack of exhilarating moments, thanks to the master of the ceremony (who was also one of the guests).

After they tied the knot, the fun wedding continued with a series of photo portraits taken all around Montelucci Country Resort, framed by the picturesque cypress lane and vineyard – and by the breathtaking view.

Once back to the country house, the newlyweds enjoyed a mouthwatering dinner enriched by amusing speeches, then they cut the delicious cake surrounded by lights and sparkles, and lastly ended the celebration with entertaining dances.

I will remember Isabella and Tanaka’s genuine and fun wedding for a long time, that’s for sure. If you’re planning to get married in Italy and want to have me by your side, don’t hesitate to contact me.