Surprise marriage proposal and engagement photoshoot in Florence: the essence of love

Is there anything that speaks of love more than a surprise marriage proposal in Florence, followed by an engagement photoshoot that touches all of its most iconic spots? As a photographer based in this charming city I might be biased, but let me say that it’s hard to find anything more romantic than that.

That’s probably what Max thought too, when he asked me to help him organize a surprise wedding proposal for his beloved Angela. Let their story touch your heart…

Angela and Max’s surprise marriage proposal…

Angela and Max, an energetic couple from New York, were in Florence for a special couple holiday. To put the icing on the cake of their already wonderful adventure, he had an idea: why not surprise Angela with a marriage proposal? Well, actually he thought that she would expect the move from him, but she surely didn’t think it would happen that way: overlooking a majestic view of Florence… and 100% video and photo recorded!

We took care of every detail, setting up all the plan via email with Max and then meeting him ten minutes before the magic moment in order to hide a microphone in his jacket. We met at the café on Piazzale Michelangelo and everything went smooth: Angela didn’t suspect a thing!

When he finally kneeled in front of her – and in front of the most breathtaking panorama of Florence from San Miniato al Monte – it was an intensely emotional moment. A surprise marriage proposal that they will be able to relive over and over again thanks to the photos and short film we realized for them. (And, in case you’re wondering, she said “Yes”.)

…followed by a sweet engagement photoshoot in Florence!

Right after the proposal, it was time to celebrate through an engagement photoshoot full of sentiment, with Florence as a beautiful background.

We snapped pictures all around the heart of the city, starting from the surroundings of San Miniato al Monte itself and continuing to Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery. The warm light of the day matched perfectly with the color of Angela’s dress, and with the bright smile of both these guys.

This is surely a holiday they will remember forever, don’t you think? If you’re considering the idea of a surprise marriage proposal too, don’t hesitate to contact me: I will be able to help you make the event truly unforgettable.