A joyful, secret wedding proposal in Chianti, Tuscany

Everyone wants their holidays to be unforgettable, especially when you are traveling far from home to a very special place like Chianti. Rahul surely found the perfect way to turn this vacation into a unique occasion: he planned a secret wedding proposal to his girlfriend Ridhie. And I was happy to be an accomplice, witness and photographer of the moment. Get some inspiration from this story and gallery.

Rahul’s secret wedding proposal to Ridhie

This spontaneous and outgoing couple came from Canada to Tuscany for their summer holidays – they stayed at Borgo del Cabreo, a luxurious Relais de Charme in the heart of Chianti. 

Rahul, a clearly romantic soul, wished to make the vacation even more extraordinary through a secret wedding proposal. For this reason he got in touch with me, knowing I often immortalize these events through my lens – and I help with the planning too. 

Given the magic allure of the venue, his desire was to set the proposal right there. After studying the possible settings, just a few minutes before the given time, Rahul and I met discreetly to strategically select the perfect spot for the life-changing question. Our clandestine meeting ensured that every detail was meticulously taken care of: from the hidden vantage point to the angle of the golden Tuscan sun at that time of the day.

As the stage was set, Rahul led Ridhie into the heart of Borgo del Cabreo, where the secret wedding proposal unfolded seamlessly. Against a backdrop of vineyards and green rolling hills, he kneeled with the excuse of taking a picture of her… and then, out of the blue, he popped out a ring – and The Question, of course. And I, well positioned although unseen, was there to immortalize it all: the genuine surprise, the unbridled joy that followed, and the sweet effusions of love.

Borgo del Cabreo, an idyllic spot for an unforgettable moment

The photographic journey of Ridhie and Rahul continued beyond the secret wedding proposal, capturing the couple in a spontaneous dance of laughter and love. The positive vibrations of the day extended to the weather, which graced the session with the ideal blend of soft sunshine and a golden sunset. Each photograph emanates the warmth of the Tuscan light, perfectly mirroring the radiant happiness of the two fiancés.

Borgo del Cabreo, with its many photographic spots, was the most graceful frame one could think of. From the rustic exposed stone walls to the romantic lavender bushes, not forgetting the garden facing the hills of Chianti and the dreamy hammock for two: every puzzle piece combined to create a narration of that unrepeatable situation. Every picture I took of them is infused with spontaneity and tells a tale of a promise sealed under the Tuscan sky: a surprise that turned into a memory to treasure for the years to come.

The story of the secret wedding proposal of Rahul to his now fiancée Ridhie echoed through the captivating landscapes of Borgo del Cabreo, on that day and forever thanks to the photographs we shot.

Are you also planning on surprising your loved one with a proposal while on holiday in Tuscany? Then get in touch with me: I will help you find the perfect location and set up the whole thing in every detail. And then, I will be there to make it last forever as your secret proposal photographer.

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