Refined Italy wedding at the exquisite Villa La Selva Wine Resort

A romantic Italy wedding, in perfect dolce vita style: who has never dreamt of that? Tuscany is probably one of the most iconic Italian regions, and Villa La Selva embodies all the characteristics you would expect from a perfect wedding location.

Julianna and Ryan chose it as the frame for their refined and stylish wedding in Italy: get inspired by it.

Julianna and Ryan’s elegant Italy wedding

Julianna and Ryan are a beautiful couple from Florida, so in love with each other that they decided to say “Yes” in a really unforgettable environment – Tuscany, and most specifically Villa La Selva Wine Resort.

I met them two days before their Italy wedding, when we shot some engagement photos in the same, picturesque venue. That session gave me the chance to get to know them – and gave them the opportunity to feel more comfortable in front of the camera: they were then ready to pose in an extremely natural way on their most important day.

When the wedding came, the weather played some tricks on us and the dinner had to be moved inside. The atmosphere was still magical thanks to the vaults and soft lights.

During the whole celebration we shot many photos that pictured every little shade of the bride and groom’s feelings, all of their happiness and their friends and families’ joy too. It was an intense wedding, both charming and energetic: a day they will remember forever.

Villa La Selva: one location, different breathtaking settings

In order for your Italy wedding to be really unique, you need to find the proper venue – one like Villa La Selva Wine Resort, for instance.

This historical estate was property of the Florentine Medici family in the 15th Century and was originally built to defend the scenic valley between Siena, Arezzo and Florence. After a conservative restoration, Villa La Selva turned into the ideal place where to celebrate an Italian wedding.

One of the things I love the most about it is that it offers plenty of different photographic sets, all of which are captivating and evocative. The rolling hills that surround it, covered in lush green nature. The rustic yet classy interiors in the rooms, ancient cellars and Ceremony Hall. The sophisticated Italian garden and pool side.

Every single detail, at Villa La Selva, contributes to creating a marvelous setting for a really exquisite event – just like Julianna and Ryan’s Italy wedding. The same kind of wedding you can have too, and that I would be happy to photograph for you if you want me to.