Couple photoshoot: the magic of Florence at sunrise

Florence at sunrise fully manifests its magic and you can be a part of it with a couple photoshoot in its ethereal atmosphere. If you and your loved one are early birds, it will be easy for you to wake up when the city is still sleeping and to get the most out of your photoshoot. 
If you are more of night owls, you should definitely make an exception: your couple pictures will look incredible in a sunrise shooting.

The delicate couple pictures of Priya and Gautam

These lovely British newlyweds celebrated their marriage at home in Bristol just three days before I met them. They decided to enjoy a little break to catch their breath after the most important day of their life together.

They chose Florence and its romantic charm and they decided to eternalize the first holiday as husband and wife with a couple photoshoot. They were looking for something unique, something that could also be an unforgettable experience in addition to a way to create photographic memories. 
That’s why they chose a sunrise shooting: they had the whole Florence to themselves and could enjoy its beauty in a definitely unusual way.

The result was a sweet and delicate couple photoshoot, where the rarefied atmosphere of the early morning underlined their love and complicity. We played with spaces, shapes and evanescent colors and we shot some funny photographs too: we wanted to show all the shades of Priya and Gautam’s personalities through their couple pictures.

Your magical couple photoshoot at sunrise

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you will surely love the pale pink aura that surrounds Florence at sunrise. You will savor the feeling of strolling around its empty streets and will be amazed by the majestic architecture of places like Piazza della Signoria, Santa Croce church and Galleria degli Uffizi. You will be able to visit all your favorite spots in the city and the most romantic ones, like Ponte Vecchio, when no one is around.

It will just be the two of you, the city and the sun rising, for the most special couple photoshoot ever. Are you ready to create never ending memories of your deep and bright love?

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