Looking for something unique? Choose the magic of winter engagement photos!

For some reason, most people choose to get married in the summer – and the same happens for pre wedding shootings. What couples don’t often think of is that winter engagement photos can actually turn out to be even more romantic!

Have a look at Shivani and Mahesh’s pictures and let that magic inspire your choice…

Shivani and Mahesh’s winter engagement photos

This beautiful couple’s desire was to celebrate their recent engagement with a photo shoot during their holiday in Florence. The charming atmosphere of the city and the timeless appeal of its architecture make the perfect frame for anyone’s love… and so did for theirs!

Unlike most travelers, they decided to visit Florence in the cold season – so I took dreamy winter engagement photos for them.

The shooting took place on a very cloudy morning, which probably discouraged other tourists… but not them! The result? They ended up having the whole city to themselves: an enchantment that usually only happens at sunrise.

Moreover, a grayish day without bright sunshine can actually improve the quality of the pictures: the light is more suffused and misty, which conveys an overall ethereal and gentle feel.

When we shot Shivani and Mahesh’s winter engagement photos, we even got a bit of rain – but that didn’t ruin it: it even helped them act more spontaneously, loosening up and getting the most out of that special moment.

Why you should choose winter engagement photos too

There are many good reasons to opt for winter engagement photos instead of summer ones – the first being originality.

The cold weather will make you desire to get physically closer to your loved one and, together with the soft and delicate light, it will create a cozy mood that will make your shooting different from anyone else’s.

Don’t be afraid of rain: I will check the forecast to make sure it doesn’t pour over your winter engagement photo shoot. If it’s supposed to rain a lot, we will re-schedule the shooting – and if that’s not an option because you’re not spending a long time in Florence, we’ll brave it. My priority is to give you the engagement photos you’ve always dreamed of… and I swear I’ll do my best for it.

Are you ready to shoot your unique winter engagement photos?

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