Family photos: stop time with emotional and never ending memories!

Imagine you are on holiday in Italy, with your spouse and kids… not only you can enjoy the beautiful moments together, but you could also benefit from that special time to have professional family photos taken in an amazing scenery! The green hills of Mugello, in Tuscany, make a perfect location…

Have you ever thought of this possibility?

The power of family photos

There is more than one good reason to shoot some nice family photos while you are on holiday in Tuscany with your loved ones…

First of all, photographs have the power to evoke feelings. This is even more true for family photos, since your family is a quintessence of love: the one you feel for your spouse and the exponential amount of love for your children.

Time flies so fast that you want to stop it, in order to always remember how cute they were when they were little… is it right? Family photos allow you to do this, capturing the joy in every smile, the sparkle in every gaze and the innocence in every gesture – and turning them into never ending memories.

Yes, because the best feature of professional family photo shoots is that they are real heirlooms. They will allow the future generations to enjoy the history of your family and see the strong bond among all the members.

Now imagine your whole family reunited in an amazing scenery like Mugello, with its lush green and ancient stone hamlets… wouldn’t it be the perfect setting for a shooting?

Christa and Thomas’s family photos in Mugello

This is probably what Christa and Thomas thought, when they decided to have their family photos taken in the beautiful Monsignor della Casa Country Resort in Mugello.

They were having a family reunion there – an opportunity to spend some quality time together… and the perfect occasion for a family photo shoot!

We took a few photos of the big group – they were around 50 people, can you imagine how much love was floating around? – and then we moved to the park of the resort with Christa, Thomas and their two adorable children.

The little ones played together as perfect siblings, while their parents expressed all the love they feel for their kids and for each other. The golden light and green landscapes of Mugello made everything even more intense… the result were fun but emotional family photos, that they will keep forever as a precious treasure.

All you have to do, if you want to re-live the happy moments you spent with your loved ones, is to look at your family photos… are you willing to stop time?