Family holiday photos in Tuscany: genuine happiness for everyone!

When you are on vacation with your loved ones, you usually take pictures on your own with a smartphone or a camera. They are nice memories, but let’s face the truth: they usually turn out to be not the best in terms of image quality.

What if, for once, you decide to sit back and relax, while a professional takes your family holiday photos? This is what Nina and Patrik opted for, during their stay in Tuscany. Let me show you what we created together…

Nina and Patrik’s family holiday photos

Nina, Patrik and their daughter are a lovely family from Dortmund, who came to Tuscany on a vacation.

Their family holiday photos were taken in Peccioli, a small town considered one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Valdera, this village was the perfect set for sweet and funny pictures.

For a couple hours Nina, Patrik and the little girl wandered around its alleys, played in front of its ancient gates and enjoyed lots of laughter while I was shooting. Looking at them, I realized I was witnessing moments of genuine happiness – and I think you can tell from a look to their family photos!

After exploring Peccioli, we moved to the countryside to take a few photos with the incredible view offered by the Tuscan hills… and we definitely didn’t regret it!

Family photos outdoors, in Tuscany

If you are planning your next journey with the most important people of your life, you might want to consider having family holiday photos taken. As you can see, it’s a great way to bring home with you an absolutely unique souvenir.

At the same time the family photos, outdoors or indoors if you visit in the winter, will be a precious treasure to cherish forever. Every time you look at them, you will remember how special those days were – and how incredibly cute your child was when he was little!

I hope that Nina and Patrik’s family pictures will inspire you to do the same: in that case, you know you can contact me any time… I will be happy to be your holiday photographer.