A playful family celebration in the countryside of Tuscany

Family holidays are always special because they allow you to spend time with your loved ones. But when they coincide with a family celebration they become even more meaningful, and they earn a place of honor in your memory.

That’s the case of this big group I had the chance to meet in Tuscany and portray in a very nice photoshoot: see for yourself!

Family celebration? Make it unforgettable!

When an important milestone approaches, what’s better than planning a memorable family celebration? Instead of a simple and average party, on the occasion of the head of the household’s 60th birthday this numerous clan opted for a holiday in Italy.

They rented Villa Bruschetti, an ancient estate tucked in the countryside of Tuscany. That’s where I met them in October 2019, and that’s where we realized a playful photoshoot that involved all of them – eleven adults and seven adorable children.

A very precious Tuscany photoshoot

For this family celebration, I was requested a series of group portraits and some candid photos that represented the real soul of the protagonists. The chosen set was Villa Bruschetti itself, and its surroundings: the open spaces, with lots of greenery thanks to the Italian garden and the park, were absolutely perfect.

The warm light of the day gave a soft touch to the images, while the spontaneous interactions among the family members infused them with love and fun. The little ones enjoyed playing with their parents and cousins, and the adults were extremely happy to spend quality time together, sharing such a unique experience.

I strongly believe that a photoshoot like this is one of the best gifts you could give to your family and yourself. A gift that brings you all closer to one another during the session, but also a gift that will remain forever. Especially if you print the photographs, you will be able to cherish them and appreciate all of their value. They will become a real heirloom, to look at over and over again and then to hand down from generation to generation.

If you also wish to celebrate your family milestone with a Tuscany photoshoot, get in touch with me: I will be glad to be your photographer.