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Nowadays we all live with smartphones in our hands, continuously taking pictures of our children or spouses. So why should you hire a professional photographer for a family photoshoot?

There is more than one reason why this is one of the best gifts you could give yourself – and your loved ones.

3 great reasons to get a family photoshoot

You surely noticed that, since you had children, time seems to fly. They grow up so fast, don’t they? That’s why you take photos of them every day: you try to freeze some moments to remember them in the future. Here’s why you should leave your smartphone behind and get a family photoshoot instead…

  • Have beautiful memories of happy moments.
 Taking pictures yourself can be fun, but the results are often far from what you were wishing for. With a proper family photoshoot, instead, you would get amazing photos of your children and spouse. You can do it on a special occasion or out of the blue, to celebrate your love and happiness.
  • Be in the picture.
In every family there’s someone who is always behind the camera – it could be you or your spouse. Don’t you wish you had lovely photographs with all of you in them? Your precious family memories are worth more than a selfie.
  • Use the photos as home decorations or presents.
 When you have a family photoshoot taken by a professional, your pictures will be so beautiful that you can frame and hang them, making your home even sweeter and more personal. Or you could use them as presents for other family members: they will surely be delighted!

Get inspired by this “extended family” photoshoot

Whether you decide to have a family photoshoot taken to celebrate a milestone of your family or just a happy moment, you can also share this special event. I had the pleasure to shoot some pictures of three families that were visiting Tuscany and chose to have an “extended family” session.

We took dreamy and chic photos at Podere Castelletto in Monticchiello, in the green and gold countryside all around and in the charming hamlet of Pienza. The couples had the chance to show their love for each other and for their children, and the young ones had fun playing together in the fields.

It was a definitely original way to share valuable moments – and to keep a photographic memory of them that will last forever!