Sweet engagement session in Florence with a unique touch

We are lucky, nowadays: the world we live in gives us a lot of opportunities… such as the one to get inspired by the diversity that we see around us. Sometimes that inspiration comes easily, when we least expect it: we just need to surf the web and be open.

This is what happened to Christie and Teddy, while they were looking for one-of-a-kind ideas for their engagement session.

Christie and Teddy: a lovely engagement session

This cute couple from San Francisco was enjoying a holiday in Italy, visiting two of its most iconic places: Rome and Florence. While here, they thought it would be nice to seize the opportunity of that exciting trip and get an engagement session too – as a way to remember a special vacation and to have pre wedding photos unlike any other.

They looked around a bit, and they got inspired by Andorra and Joe’s sunrise photoshoot… so they decided to have the same kind of session, in order to capture all the charm of Florence when it’s still free from crowds.

We met in Piazza della Signoria at blue hour, right before the appearance of the sun, taking a few photos in that fascinating moment that stands between night and day.

The engagement session went on in a desert and sleepy Florence, among Galleria degli Uffizi, Ponte Santa Trinità and Piazza Duomo. The delicate light of sunrise infused the photos with a sweet and gentle atmosphere, that underlined Christie and Teddy’s love even more.

A personal touch to your engagement session

When I met Christie and Teddy for their sunrise photoshoot, she had a specific request: to include her favorite scarf in the photographs.

It wasn’t a problem for me: a personal object can turn into a great tool to interact, play and create original situations. It makes the images even more unique, if you know how to incorporate it into the setting.

Whatever is meaningful for you deserves to be part of your engagement session… just let me know your needs and I will support them: your satisfaction is what I care about the most!