Sunrise photos of an engagement in Florence

Love is the most powerful feeling on Earth, and promising that you will be by the side of your special one for the rest of your time is a life milestone. A milestone that Sumeet and Jasdev decided to celebrate with an engagement in Florence, through a photo and video shooting at sunrise that captured all the magic of their relationship. Get inspired…

Sumeet and Jasdev’s elegant engagement in Florence

A passion-red dress for her, a night-blue shirt for him: that’s how Sumeet and Jasdev appeared in front of me in the early morning of that summer day. This graceful American couple was spending some time in Tuscany, and thought it would be a great idea to commemorate their engagement in Florence with photos and a video. 

They opted for a sunrise shooting, because they wanted to have the whole city to themselves. No tourists around, no crowded streets: just the two of them and the bond that tied them. And us, working to immortalize the moment. 

Their innate elegance emerges from each picture, and perfectly blends with the charm of the city center. Our engagement shooting in Florence started from its very heart: Palazzo Vecchio. The square in front of it was entirely empty, which allowed Sumeet and Jasdev to become familiar with the camera and feel totally confident.

Delicate sunrise engagement photos and video

But of course we didn’t stop there: we covered all of the most iconic spots of the city, so that their memories of this experience could be truly whole. We went to the majestic Uffizi Gallery and the romantic Ponte Vecchio, we strolled along the river bank of Arno and we ended up at Piazzale Michelangelo. This is a one-of-a-kind square, reachable with a very short walk: from there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city center, with its towering Duomo and the red terracotta roofs.

Imagine this place at sunrise, kissed by a delicate and suffused light, and with absolutely no one around to ruin the show for you. It’s just the two of you, honoring your engagement in Florence, with – literally – the world at your feet. Doesn’t it sound like an unforgettable instant? 

If you also wish for sunrise engagement photos in Florence, just like this wonderful couple did, get in touch with me: I’ll be by your side helping you make the most out of that time.

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