Romantic couple photos for a special honeymoon in Florence

Who said that dreams can’t come true, despite the unprecedented times we are facing? Katherine and Edward’s wish was to have couple photos taken in Florence as an engagement gift for one another – they had to change their plans a little bit, but here’s the result of their photoshoot in the heart of Tuscany. 

Read their story and get inspired because – yes – anything is possible if you really want it!

Katherine and Edward’s couple photos in Florence

Katherine and Edward, a lovely couple from Hong Kong, originally contacted me for a prewedding photoshoot in Florence, to be held in May 2020 at sunrise. But we all know what happened: the pandemic hit and changed everyone’s plans worldwide.

These determined souls didn’t lose heart though, and they decided not to cancel the reservation for their couple photoshoot. They got married in their home country, and decided to turn their trip to Florence into a honeymoon. What about me? Well, I happily became their honeymoon photographer.

It wasn’t easy, but they made it: they flew from Hong Kong to Paris, then to Rome, and finally they drove all the way to Tuscany for their couple photoshoot. It was February 2021, and the region was a “yellow zone” – meaning that there were some restrictions, but we could freely walk the heart of the city to take our photos. 

We switched the timing from sunrise to the afternoon, due to the regulations and to the not-so-comfortable winter night weather. But we were lucky: the streets were quiet, the light was soft and the weather was gentle. We couldn’t ask for better conditions!

A photoshoot in Florence during the pandemic? Yes, you can!

Katherine and Edward are living proof that taking romantic couple photos in Florence during the pandemic is not only possible, but actually ideal. Sure you need to check the possible restrictions and maybe have flexible plans, but the result is well worth it. 

The reason is simple: even in the middle of the day, you will almost have the city to yourself. And believe me: the feeling of walking around the center with no tourist crowds is priceless. 

The couple photos I took for Katherine and Edward around Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery and all the iconic spots of Florence give you a perfect idea of the incredibly magical scenery.

If you have the same dream as they had, get in touch with me and let’s shoot your precious couple photos in Florence.