Anniversary photos in Florence, soft as sunrise, red as passion. A beautiful frame, a delicate light, a bright red dress, a milestone to celebrate: these were the ingredients of Anisa and Kevin’s anniversary photos, taken in Florence at sunrise. We strolled the streets of the city, during a session that lasted almost three hours and touched all of the most iconic spots: from Piazza della Signoria to the Uffizi Gallery, from Palazzo Gondi to Piazza S. Firenze, from Ponte Vecchio to Piazzale Michelangelo. The latter is a truly enchanted place from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city: the most wonderful photo setting anyone could ask for
Anniversary photos in Florence: soft as sunrise, red as passion
Sometimes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words: like these anniversary photos taken in Florence at sunrise, a perfect representation of love!
Romantic engagement photos in Florence: a unique Christmas holiday. They use to say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but you know what can make it even more magical? A shooting for romantic engagement photos during your holiday in a charming city like Florence. This is how Andrew decided that Claudia and he would celebrate their love in the sweetest time of winter. Half Italian and half Australian, this lovely couple crossed the ocean and came to Florence to spend the winter holidays with Claudia’s family. The biggest present she received for Christmas was no little less than a marriage proposal by Andrew, followed by romantic engagement photos taken all around the iconic spots of the city
Romantic engagement photos in Florence: a unique Christmas holiday
Have you ever received a marriage proposal as a Christmas gift? It happened to this couple, that chose to celebrate with romantic engagement photos in Florence!
Winter destination engagement in Florence, a representation of love. Some couples prefer to have a traditional wedding in their home country, but they still want to celebrate their love with a creative twist. Why not organize a destination engagement photo shoot, then? Picking a charming location like Florence and an unusual time like winter will make the rest: let the beautiful pictures of Priya and Sid show you how
Winter destination engagement in Florence, a representation of love
Are you planning a destination engagement in Tuscany and wish to capture it with a photoshoot? Get inspired by these pictures: I’ll happily be your photographer!
Unforgettable surprise proposal photoshoot at Four Seasons in Florence. When you want to ask for the hand of your loved one and make it unforgettable, you should plan in advance and keep it a secret. Exactly what Vincent did, involving me as his accomplice for a surprise proposal and photoshoot in Florence, at the amazing Four Seasons Hotel the most luxurious accommodations in the city, a perfectly restored Renaissance gem
Unforgettable surprise proposal photoshoot at Four Seasons in Florence
Do you want your loved one to say “Yes”? Then a surprise proposal photoshoot is what you need, especially in a romantic and charming location like Florence!
Delicate outdoor engagement photos in Tuscany: a holiday to remember. When you happen to visit a charming city like Florence and you’ve recently got engaged, there is only one thing you can do: get outdoor engagement photos taken in the best spots of the town and countryside. They will allow you to honor that precious moment and keep a never ending memory of a unique holiday. This is what brought Andrea and Aaron to contact me on a summer day…
Delicate outdoor engagement photos in Tuscany: a holiday to remember
Outdoor engagement photos in the charming Florence and breathtaking Chianti are the perfect way to celebrate a special and meaningful holiday. Get inspired!
Surprise marriage proposal and engagement photoshoot in Florence: the essence of love. Is there anything that speaks of love more than a surprise marriage proposal in Florence, followed by an engagement photoshoot that touches all of its most iconic spots? As a photographer based in this charming city I might be biased, but let me say that it’s hard to find anything more romantic than that. Angela and Max, an energetic couple from New York, were in Florence for a special couple holiday. To put the icing on the cake of their already wonderful adventure, he had an idea: why not surprise Angela with a marriage proposal? Well, actually he thought that she would expect the move from him, but she surely didn’t think it would happen that way: overlooking a majestic view of Florence… and 100% video and photo recorded!
Surprise marriage proposal and engagement photoshoot in Florence: the essence of love
Nothing says “I love you” more than a surprise marriage proposal in one of the most romantic cities ever, Florence. Get inspired by this amazing story!
Couple photos at sunset in Florence: an engagement to remember. Engagement pictures are usually romantic, but they do their best work when they turn out to be also fun and creative. Take those photos at sunset in a charming city like Florence and you will reach perfection
Couple photos at sunset in Florence: an engagement to remember!
Engagement photos at sunset are fascinating and unique, especially if they’re set in a stunning location like Florence. Get some inspiration for your shooting!
A sunset photoshoot to cherish your engagement forever. Some moments in life deserve to be celebrated in a special way. A way that makes them even more unique and unforgettable. That’s the case of a birth, a family milestone, a wedding, or an engagement. And what’s better than a sunset photoshoot in an incredible city like Florence, to honor such an occasion? Considered the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is full of fascinating spots that work perfectly as settings for a sunset photoshoot. Its very heart, where white marble statues give way to wooden portals and to the intricately decorated façades of historic churches, welcomed the couple for a series of shots filled with smiles and emotions
A sunset photoshoot to cherish your engagement forever
If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your engagement and keep a valuable memory of it, a sunset photoshoot in Florence is what you need: get inspired.
Graceful prewedding sunrise photos in Florence and intimate wedding in Italy at the incredible Belmond Villa San Michele. When you choose to have an intimate wedding in Italy, you might as well enjoy it at the fullest even before the big day itself. How? For example shooting dreamy sunrise photos to celebrate your engagement, and then saying “I do” in a breathtaking location right out of Florence. This is what Liza and Justin did
Graceful prewedding sunrise photos and intimate wedding in Italy
Engagement photos at sunrise and intimate wedding in Italy, in a Renaissance monastery with breathtaking view over Florence? Why not! Let the photos inspire you.
Honeymoon photos to cherish forever. Alejandra and Manuel were two newlyweds from Colombia, traveling Italy for their honeymoon. That represents a very special period. All you have to do is share the love with your spouse, enjoying all the time you have together and filling it with relaxing yet exciting activities and why not unusual ones. Like a shooting to take sunrise photos, wearing your precious wedding dresses. Exactly what this lovely couple opted for. While they were spending their time in Florence, they asked me to portray them in elegant and dreamy pictures all around the city
Sunrise photos for an unforgettable honeymoon in Florence
Are you planning a honeymoon in Florence, Italy, and you want it to be really special? Make it unforgettable taking sunrise photos with your wedding dresses!