Never too young for romantic vacation photos in Florence!

When you visit Florence, you will fall in love with it. And if you visit it while you’re already in love, it will enhance your feeling so much that you’ll want to capture it with the most romantic vacation photos ever!

We all know that love has no age – whether it is for a person or for a city: Kate and Cameron are a proof of it!

Kate and Cameron’s vacation photos in Florence

Kate and Cameron are a sweet, very young couple from Washington, that love each other as much as they love traveling.

They are both fond of art, so it’s not surprising that Florence is their favorite city in the world: its Renaissance architecture and wonderful masterpieces make it an absolutely particular place.

For this reason, they thought it would be cool to have vacation photos taken by a professional in their beloved town. They came by train from Rome, specifically to enjoy a day of shooting among the streets of Florence. There couldn’t be a better sign of love for two young souls like them!

Since they deeply know and appreciate every shade of the Tuscan city, they had a challenging request: to shoot their vacation photos following all of the routes that I propose to couples and families. Challenge accepted: we started shooting at 7.30 in the morning, we walked every street and snapped pictures in all of the most iconic and breathtaking spots.

The result were funny and lovely images, where Kate and Cameron show all the pure beauty of their young and strong relationship.

Let your photographer guide you

If you are visiting soon and wish to create one-of-a-kind memories of your trip, just find the perfect photographer in Florence, Italy… and let him guide you!

When I shoot vacation photos, not only do I put in place my experience as a professional photographer – curating the light, the angle, the pose and so on – but I also take you to the best spots in town. Florence is my home: who else could know it better than someone who has always lived there?

If you need something more to trust what I’m saying, read these words by Kate and Cameron: “Gabriele made us feel so comfortable and posed us perfectly in each shot. He was incredibly nice and patient with us and he went above and beyond to make sure we got pictures in each of the places I requested.”

I would be more than happy to take unique vacation photos of your next Florence getaway.