Modern and unusual wedding framed by the olive groves of Chianti

In my years as a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany I’ve seen the most diverse celebrations, from the traditional ones with a hundred guests to the most intimate elopements. Georgie and Patrick’s unusual wedding stood out for the incredible care of every detail and for the modern style of the decorations. Get inspired by the photos and read the story of their special day…

Georgie and Patrick’s unusual wedding in Tuscany

Georgie and Patrick are a beautiful and fun couple from Sidney, who arrived in Chianti together with their lovely baby and with 70 guests to celebrate an unusual wedding abroad.

The soft and delicate colors they chose for the flowers, decorations and table setup matched perfectly with the surrounding nature. The triangular shape that witnessed their promises of love was a stunning frame, standing out against the silver olive groves that surrounded the couple and guests.

With my photos of their unusual wedding, I told the story of the celebration starting from the preparation of the bride and groom – including the hilarious pillow fight of Patrick and his best men – to the emotional speeches and lively dances.

Not to mention the cake cut: their “cake” was made out of delicious and genuine Italian cheese. Could there be a better way to end an unusual wedding in Tuscany?

Villa il Poggiale, a stunning venue in the heart of Chianti

Villa il Poggiale is a historical residence that first saw the light in the Renaissance. Embraced by the unique and unforgettable scenery of Chianti, when you’re there you will feel like you’re part of a fairytale.

Especially when you promise eternal love to your special one in a garden surrounded by olive groves. Or when the golden light of sunset caresses the green vineyards, as you can see in the portraits of the newlyweds with their bridesmaids and best men. Or also when it’s time for a gourmet dinner and you all sit down at a long, immaculately set table immersed in a tunnel of greenery and tiny, shining lights.

It will be so good that it almost feels unreal. But it’s happening, it’s your wedding. Unusual or traditional, as long as it’s right for you – as this one was for Georgie and Patrick. And if you’re looking for someone who can capture the magic of that day, feel free to get in touch with me.