Memorable winter engagement pictures in Florence

Even when it comes to pre-weddings and weddings, sometimes things don’t go as planned… but that’s not necessarily negative! Carmen and Yang’s winter engagement pictures are proof that, even if the original dream doesn’t come true, reality can still turn out to be truly memorable.

Carmen and Yang’s winter engagement pictures… finally!

The original plan of this lovely, Malaysian couple was to visit Italy in June 2020 and to gift themselves with two pre-wedding photoshoots: one in Florence at sunrise, and one in the countryside of Chianti at sunset. As we all know, though, when the pandemic hit it changed everyone’s programs.

Carmen and Yang had to postpone their trip again and again, but they didn’t give up and they finally got to come to Florence at the end of November 2021 – just a couple of months before their wedding in Malaysia – to shoot their winter engagement pictures.

As if this wasn’t enough already, we basically had only one available day because they had to rush back to London and then to Malaysia due to a sudden tightening of the travel regulations. But we were lucky: that day the weather and light were perfect and, although Carmen and Yang couldn’t have their sunrise and rolling hills, they were able to get elegant and timeless winter engagement pictures.

The appeal of Florence in winter

This 4-hours long pre-wedding shooting started at Villa Le Piazzole, a charming estate right out of Florence. Carmen and Yang chose this accommodation on purpose, because they fell in love with its amazing and very well-kept Italian garden. We took some extremely beautiful winter engagement pictures there, indeed! From the upper floors, the venue also offers a breathtaking view of the park and surrounding countryside – so we seized the chance to shoot some incredible photos from there too.

The second part of the engagement session took place in the city: even though tourists usually come in the summer, Florence in winter has a magic allure. From San Miniato al Monte to the historic heart of town, I pictured Carmen and Yang in all of the most iconic spots. I loved their wedding outfits, both white: they convey to each photo a touch of undisputable grace and sophistication.

Why don’t you also consider shooting winter engagement pictures? They can be absolutely unique, just as you are. Get in touch with me, I’ll be glad to tell the story of your love.

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