Getting a pre wedding photoshoot is a growing trend of the last years, but you’d better make sure it’s really able to represent all the shades of your love.

Having your photos taken by a professional, in a charming destination characterized by idyllic views and a suffused light… that’s what you want – and that’s what Stephanie and Mike wanted too.

Stephanie and Mike’s pre wedding photoshoot

This beautiful couple lives in Boston, but they decided to have their pre wedding photoshoot in Florence. The reason is as easy as romantic: this is the city that witnessed the birth of their love! After getting engaged, the most natural consequence was to celebrate that milestone in the place where they first met, in order to build more and more memories there.

They care so much about Florence that they opted for sunrise engagement photos. This allowed them to have the whole city to themselves and to feel free to express their feelings openly. Moreover, the light at sunrise is just ideal: pale, soft, misty – its gentle touch conveys a delicate atmosphere to the pictures and underlines the love that’s in the air.

The locations of this lovely shooting

Florence is an incredibly fascinating city, whose charm is known all over the world and can suit any taste. This makes it perfect for any kind of photoshoot, included a pre wedding one.

With Stephanie and Mike, for example, we strolled the streets of the historical center taking photos at Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza San Firenze, the iconic Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery. They had the chance to show their love and personality through images that talk about them and their happiness, with an elegant and varied background.

Then we couldn’t help but adding icing on the cake with a few more photos from the panoramic Piazzale Michelangelo, right after sunrise. The view of Florence from there is breathtaking and makes a splendid frame for a pre wedding photoshoot!

If you’re also dreaming of taking emotional photos to celebrate your engagement in a unique location like Florence, get in touch with me: I will be more than happy to be your pre wedding photographer!