Intimate Italian wedding in Chianti: a dream coming true

When you were dreaming about your marriage, did you imagine an intimate ceremony in a romantic place? Then an Italian wedding in Chianti will make your dream come true!

Sooner or later, you surely found yourself fantasizing about your wedding day. Who doesn’t, after all? We all have childhood desires and wish that they can come true at some point of our lives.

Maybe, when thinking about your special day, you imagined an intimate wedding with just a few guests. You cared about the location more than the party itself. You were dreaming of a small wedding abroad, in a romantic place surrounded by nature. What could be better than an Italian wedding in Chianti to turn this into reality?

Kate and William’s intimate Italian wedding

Kate and William’s dream was probably very similar to the previously pictured one. That’s why they found a gem hidden in the Tuscan countryside and chose it as the location for their Italian wedding. 
Villa Ripanera is a country house surrounded by the green vineyards of Chianti. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place, definitely perfect for a rustic and intimate wedding.

We couldn’t help but having a photo tour among the grapevines and olive trees: a green paradise with touches of red poppies, as bright as the newlyweds’ love.

We then moved to Florence, to take even more pictures of this romantic Italian wedding. We saw the city from up above and then we stopped at Ponte Vecchio, where Kate and William showed all of their complicity.

How to make your Italian wedding special

If you really want your Italian wedding to be as unforgettable as you dreamt as a child, here’s what you should do:

  • Invite just a few family members and friends: an intimate wedding is even more precious.
  • Choose a charming location like Florence or its astounding countryside.
  • Pick a wedding photographer that perfectly knows the most romantic spots in the surroundings.
  • Have a toast with the amazing Italian wines.
  • Enjoy the delicious food of the reception and the company of your loved ones.
  • Other than this, you should just smile, kiss your spouse and live happily ever after your dreamy Italian wedding!