Hold happiness in a nutshell with a family photo shooting

What can you do if you want to have really unique memories of your family holiday? You can spare a few hours for a family photo shooting, of course!

Not only it will be a way to collect images of the place you’re visiting, but it will also enclose your happiness in a nutshell – as it happened to this beautiful family I had the chance to portray.

Eric and Micah’s family photo shooting in Florence

Eric, Micah and their three children are a wonderful American family who decided to give themselves a vacation in Florence… and a family photo shooting while there!

They visited the Tuscan city in November, but they weren’t discouraged by the chilly weather: they wore perfectly matching outfits that recalled the colors of nature in fall and they were ready to go.

We spent a couple of hours between San Miniato and Piazzale Michelangelo, taking fun family photos with the amazing Florence view on the background.

What I could capture with my camera were the loving smiles of the parents, the lively games of the children and the enthusiasm of the whole group. Having a family photo shooting taken is the perfect occasion for all the members to enjoy some quality time together. That’s exactly what Eric and Micah did: they played with their kids and the results are the most joyful and fun family photos ever!

Depict your happiness with a family photo shooting

Photos have the power to evoke feelings – any kind of feeling, happiness in the first place.

Imagine being on holiday with your loved ones, in a charming city like Florence, and spending cheerful and special moments with them: wouldn’t you want to keep a memory of those instants?

Not mentioning the fact that your children will grow fast: time flies, and photographs are the only means you have to stop it.

Make sure you’ll preserve the adorable smiles of your precious kids: you only need to think about having fun with them and I will do the rest – taking a family photo shooting that will allow you to treasure that joy forever and re-live it whenever you want!