Heartfelt small wedding in the countryside of Tuscany

Every soon-to-be bride and groom have dreams about their big day: it might be a dress that makes her feel like a princess or a castle where to hold a big celebration. Katrina and John’s dream was to have a small wedding in Tuscany and a photoshoot that could picture them surrounded by all of the beauty of Valdarno.

Here are the images I took on the most important day of this sweet couple: let them inspire you…

Katrina and John’s small wedding in Valdarno

Katrina and John are two young, lovely guys from Philadelphia who came to Tuscany to make their wishes come true. They carefully chose a location that suited their taste – Palazzo Vanneschi in Bucine Valdarno – and invited the most important people of their lives to join their small wedding.

I was with them for the whole preparation, capturing their funny expressions and positive emotional tension growing higher and higher… until they saw one another, down the open-air aisle. Tears of joy came to wet their eyes, overwhelmed by each other’s beauty.

That sentiment-filled moment was followed by a deeply heartfelt ceremony, embraced by the delicate white of the flower decorations and the bright green of Palazzo Vanneschi’s garden.

The most romantic countryside photoshoot

After the celebration, we shot a series of delightful couple portraits in the most picturesque spots of the venue. Palazzo Vanneschi surely offers many ideal ones, being a stone building from the 17th century immersed in a luxuriant park.

In the end, it was finally time for another wish to be granted: Katrina was longing for a countryside photoshoot in a field of poppies. We found the perfect spot among the hills of Valdarno: an immense expanse of bright red poppies on a golden field, with cypresses on the background. The finishing touch? A soft, warm light and a gentle breeze that moved the bride’s veil. There couldn’t have been a most romantic setting for those strongly desired photographs, that Katrina and John will treasure forever.

If you’re about to reach Tuscany for your meaningful, small wedding, don’t hesitate to contact me: I will be more than happy to be your photographer.