Have Florence at your feet with sunrise engagement photos

Are you looking for unique outdoor engagement photos? Then you should consider a charming sunrise shooting in Florence.

We know that we are not the only ones who are deeply in love with Florence and its allure. Every day, thousands of tourists visit the most beautiful spots of the city – and we can’t blame them. Unfortunately, the crowd makes it harder to shoot your romantic engagement photos in a calm environment.

A sunrise shooting could be the perfect solution to this, and that’s exactly why Andorra and Joe preferred it.

Andorra and Joe: delightful engagement photos at sunrise

These incredibly enthusiast American couple decided to shoot their engagement pictures during their holiday in Europe. They chose Florence for its timeless charm – and the city was literally at their feet, since they opted for a sunrise shooting.

We broke the ice with a few photographs in Piazza Santa Croce, playing with the geometrical shapes of the church in a light pink and rarefied atmosphere. Then we shot some engagement photos in the completely desert Piazza della Signoria and Loggia dei Lanzi: a miracle that can only happen at sunrise and makes them even more magical. The following stop was the fascinating Galleria degli Uffizi, then we took a romantic glimpse over Ponte Vecchio and finally we ended the sunrise shooting tour at San Miniato al Monte, where the view over a misty Florence was simply breathtaking.

Why choose a sunrise shooting for your engagement photos

There is more than one good reason to shoot your engagement photos at sunrise.

First of all, as we said, it’s the best way to avoid the tourist crowds and really get to enjoy each amazing spot in Florence. You will also feel more comfortable, since you won’t be surrounded by curious people peeking into your pre-wedding photo shoot. 
If the squares and streets are empty, not only the shooting will be easier but the composition of the photos can turn out to be even more amazing and unusual.
Last but not least: light. At sunrise, your shooting will be immersed in an ethereal atmosphere with soft pink light and a gentle mist that will result into unique and unforgettable photographs.

With a sunrise shooting for your engagement photos, you will have the whole Florence to yourself: no one around, just the two of you and your never ending love.