A surprise wedding proposal, a timeless tale of love

In the heart of Maremma in Tuscany, where nature meets centuries-old charm, love finds its perfect setting. Daniel surely knows it: that’s why he orchestrated a wedding proposal at the enchanting Castello di Vicarello for his beloved Jessica, creating a moment that would be etched in their hearts forever. Get inspired. 

Jessica and Daniel’s love tale unfolds

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, this cute couple chose Castello di Vicarello for a setup that was hiding a surprise. The stage of the wedding proposal was set in the venue’s lush gardens, adorned with thousands of crimson roses, creating a breathtaking backdrop that whispered of romance. Against this picturesque canvas, Daniel chose to express his love for Jessica: it was not just a wedding proposal, but a symphony of emotions that will resonate for a lifetime.

What makes the story even more poignant is Daniel’s thoughtful choice of the proposal photographer. Unbeknownst to Jessica, he had carefully chosen me, not just because I weave stories through my lens, but because she’s been following and appreciating my work for a long time – and believe me, there’s no better feeling than knowing that what you do can evoke emotions to that point.

It was a pleasure and an honor to witness such a heartfelt and unexpected wedding proposal, from my privileged point of view.

Dreamy engagement photoshoot at Castello di Vicarello

After the wedding proposal itself, as the sun began its descent casting a warm glow over the Tuscan landscape, the engagement photoshoot unfolded within the castle’s grounds. Daniel’s choice to schedule the session during the late afternoon allowed us to bask in the ethereal beauty of the golden hour, a time when every photograph becomes a masterpiece painted by the sun.

The Castello di Vicarello, with its timeless allure, provided a backdrop that perfectly complemented the couple’s love story. From the surprise proposal amidst a sea of roses to the intimate moments captured within the estate’s walls, each picture echoed the magic of the day.

Daniel’s thoughtful planning and the choice of Castello di Vicarello as the location for this romantic saga underscored the significance of the occasion. In a world of fleeting moments, this wedding proposal and engagement photoshoot transcended time, becoming a testament to the enduring power of deep and real feelings.

If you dream of surprising your beloved with such a proposal and photo session, get in touch with me: I’ll help you cherish these special memories for life.

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