A special international wedding in the countryside of Umbria, Italy

Getting married in a foreign country, like Italy, often means gathering with friends and family members from all over the world. Sometimes the result is a real international wedding, such as this one that took place in the countryside of Umbria.

Get inspired by the photographs of this very special event.

An unforgettable international wedding

This elegant couple from Sydney was dreaming of a unique happening. In order to do so, they invited 50 guests who reached Umbria from all corners of the Earth. They were happy to do that: the whole family is very close and they didn’t want to miss this meaningful milestone.

All aunts and uncles from both sides were there, and even the groom’s grandfather. He even got his first passport especially to be able to join this international wedding! The witnesses of J&J’s love, belonging to 9 different nationalities, came to Umbria from 6 countries. That’s what made this celebration so unique and significant to the bride and groom: they were honored to have by their side all of those people, most of whom they meet very rarely due to the distance.

Getting married in the Italian countryside

The chosen location for this international wedding in Umbria was Relais Villa Monte Solare, a historic residence tucked in the countryside among rolling hills. The emotional symbolic ceremony was held in a courtyard close to the villa, surrounded by greenery and decorated with delicate flowers.

After it, we shot a few group photos with the whole family and then some couple portraits around the property. The settings were countryside landscapes with cypress lines, olive groves and a stunning wall covered in red ivy leaves.

The dinner at the beautifully garnished tables was characterized by lovely speeches that moved the newlyweds and guests to tears of joy. The final act, ideal for a wedding in the countryside, was the fireworks display right after the cake cut. Not a regular cake, though: it was indeed made out of cheese!

If you’re also holding your international wedding in the charming Italian countryside, get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to tell your story through my photographs.